Take in the HbbTV revolution

We can provide You ULTRA HD broadcast now!

The vision of the future will soon become a reality for millions as the broadcast industry adapts to Ultra

HD TV, the new benchmark in commercial broadcasting.

Ultra HD provides an unprecedented viewing experience, with cinema-like picture quality combined with an expected increase of screen sizes at home. With its broader range of colours, higher frame rates and greater luminosity, Ultra HD will surpass consumer expectations today and in the decades to come.

The take-off of this new broadcasting mode will be facilitated with the new compression standard, HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). Europe’s first Ultra HD demo channel encoded in HEVC, broadcasting at 50 fps with 10-bit colour depth, will further the development of Ultra HD to deliver consumers the most rewarding viewing experience on new-generation home displays.

HEVC encoding in Ultra HD for live events is also becoming a reality, enabling broadcasters and rights holders to broadcast major sports and other events at a lower bit rate than in MPEG-4.

Satellites are a natural platform for broadcasting Ultra HD content. Their bandwidth availability and wide coverage areas enables viewers to receive the same quality signal wherever they are located within the satellite coverage. Satellite capacity is fully Ultra HD ready and requires no modification to accommodate Ultra HD transmissions.

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